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Plastic Profiles Production Line
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Wood-plastic extruder production line, the use of special design barrel screw and extruder production of wood products. Extruder stand-alone or two-stage mixing directly out, can also be granulated after the second extrusion, saving space, with high yield, extrusion pressure stability, preheating feeder placed at the top of the host, the first out of most Wood powder in the residual moisture, so that the host feeding section is more substantial, improve the plasticizing effect and so on. Screw design using a small shear force, not easy to cut wood fiber, can make the material in the barrel to stay within the time evenly. Barrel screw with inlaid alloy and spray wear-resistant corrosion-resistant alloy, greatly extending the service life.
The production line by a series of conical twin screw extruder, vacuum forming machine, traction machine, cutting machine, stacker. It can be used in a variety of plastic products.