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PVC Windows & Doors Production Line
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PVC Windows & Doors Production Line

PVC Windows and Doors profile production line is the professional equipment of producing PVC plastic profile. The main production is doors and windows series profile, micro-foam profile, micro-foam decorative profiles, and etc. It has the characteristics of high automation level, stable working performance, high output and high efficiency. The production line has the benefits of high degree of automation, stable working performance, high output, high efficiency, reasonable structure and convenient use.

Model YF-180 YF-240 YF-700 YF-1000
Production Profile Width(mm) 180 240 700 1000
Stapler Length(mm) 2500 6000 6000 8000
Vacuum Degree(map) -0.08-0.09 -0.08-0.09 -0.08-0.09 -0.08-0.09
Traction Speed(m/min) 0.5-4 0.5-4 0.3-3 0.2-1
Saw Blade Diameter(mm) 400 450 300 320
Total Power(kw) 20 25 35 45