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Wood Plastic Composite Production Line
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Wood Plastic Composite Production Line

WPC profile extrusion equipment consists of twin-screw extruder, mold, stereotypes, traction, cutting machine and loading table. After the replacement of mold, wood-plastic extruder can also be used for PVC doors and windows profiles production.
Wood-plastic composite material that produced by wood-plastic equipment production line is a new type of green material. It is mainly to mix plastic raw materials (recycled PVC, PP, PE powder) and plant fiber (30-60% straw, wood flour, rice husk) together with a certain proportion, and then forming from processing. It has advantages of both wood and plastic, which is similar to the appearance of wood and has secondary processing capacity. It has the advantages of low moisture absorption, corrosion resistance and pest resistance, less maintenance. It is an excellent alternative to replace outdoor applications of wood, plastic or metal materials. Also it is mainly used in the manufacture of building panels, decorative panels, railings, pavement, steps, outdoor table siding and chairs, arbor, tree bed and etc.

Model SJSZ 51/105 SJSZ 65/132 SJSZ 80/156 SJSZ 92/188
Screw Diameter(mm) 51mm/105mm 65mm/132mm 80mm/156mm 92mm/188mm
Output(Kg/h) 80-120 160-200 250-350 400-500
Main Drive Power(kw) 18.5 37 55 110
Heating Area(Kw) 3 zones, 18Kw 4 zones, 20Kw 5 zones, 38Kw 6 zones, 54Kw