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PP/PE Film&Bag Washing Line
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PP/PE Film&Bag Washing Line

This equipment is mainly used for PE film material cleaning recovery granulation. After the recovery of the film material in the initial broken, clean and put into the cleaning tank after the start of the entire recovery process.
Before the recovery to be strictly removed non-PE material of waste plastics, a small amount of other waste mixed which will cause the granulation of PE particles after the decline in quality.

Input Capacity500 kg/h1000 kg/h1500 kg/h2000 kg/h3000 kg/h
Required Space [LxWxH]40mx15mx6m50mx15mx6m60mx30mx6m80mx30mx6m80mx40mx6m
Operators2-3 people3-5 people4-6 people4-6 people5-8 people
Installation Power250KW350KW470KW650KW850KW
Water Circulation (T/H)23345