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PP/PE Film Granulator
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PP/PE Film Granulator

Applicable plastic materials: PE, HDPE, LDPE,PP, BOPP etc
Material shapes: bottle flakes, crushed film/bags and regrind material
Main Characteristic of PP, PE plastic flakes granulator machine:
This line is of new design, reasonable configuration, steady operation, low noise, low consumption and high output.
Single screw extruder, equipped with specially designed screw & barrel, venting system, has a very good output capacity.
Pelletizing style: Water-ring cutting with extrusion mould, even cutting ensures good shape.

SJ series single-stage pe pp film & flake granulator machine
Model SJ-65 SJ-80 SJ-100 SJ-120 SJ-150 SJ-200
Screw Dia. 65 80 100 120 150 200
L/D 28-30 28-30 28-30 28-30 28-30 28-30
Capacity 60-80kg/h 80-100kg/h 150kg/h 300kg/h 400kg/h 500kg/h
SJ series double-stage pe pp film & flake  granulator machine
Model SJ-100/100 SJ-120/120 SJ-150/150 SJ-200/200
Screw Dia. 100 120 150 200
L/D 28-3010-15 28-3010-15 28-3010-15 28-3010-15
Capacity 120-180kg/h 220-300kg/h 300-400kg/h 500-600kg/h