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PET Bottles Washing Recycling Line
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PET Bottles Washing Recycling Line

Waste PET Bottle Washing line is fully automatic production line. It is an equipment to collect the waste of mineral water bottles, Coke bottles, PET plastic bottles and other PET (polyester) plastic, after then sorting, marking, broken (with water crushing), cleaning, dehydration , drying and other recycling.
This machine is a new generation of highly efficient and water-saving equipment developed by the scientific research department. The machine has the features: beautiful appearance, low energy consumption, high output, practical and reliable.

Model PET-300 PET-500 PET -1000 PET -1500
Capacity (kg/h) 200-300 400-500 800-1000 1000-1500
Crusher power 37kw 45kw 37kw x 2 45kw x 2
Floating washing tank Four Floating roller Four Floating roller Four Floating roller Four Floating roller