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PPR Pipe Production Line
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 PPR Pipe Procution Line

PPR Pipe production Line is mainly used in the production of PPR cold/hot water pipes. In the same Production Line of PPR, it can also be applied to produce PP,PE,PB and PPRC pipes.This line is available to use single extruder to make monochrome pipe, or use multiple extruders to make multi-layer color pipe or color line marked pipe.Equipped with special screw and high quality reducer,have the characteristics of stable extrusion and high speed plasticization.This unit adopts combined spiral machine head, effectively remove the material memory function.And Vacuum calibration and constant temperature control eliminate the pipe stress. The whole line is of compact structure,high degree of automation and simple operation, so it is the ideal production equipment.
Material + Color Master-batch → Mixing → Vacuum Loading → Raw Material Drying → Single Screw Extruder → Color Line Extruder → Mold → Vacuum Forming Tank → Spray Cooling Water Tank → Crawler Haul-Off → Chipless Cutter→ Stacker → Completed Product Inspection & Packaging

Models ODmm Extruders OutputKG/H PowerKW Lengthm
PPR-63 20-63 SJ65/30 SJ25/25 100 75 32
PPR-110 50-110 SJ90/30 SJ25/25 200 145 35
PPR-160 75-160 SJ90/30 SJ25/25 220 180 35