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PE Pipe Production Line
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PE Pipe Production Line

PE pipe production line adopts special HDPE/PP pipe efficient extruder. The screw is made with a barrier and mixing head structure. The barrel uses a new slotted barrel, plastic and mixing effect is good, also has large and stable extrusion.
Material + Color Master-batch → Mixing → Vacuum Loading → Raw Material Drying → Single Screw Extruder → Color Line Extruder → Mold → Vacuum Forming Tank → Spray Cooling Water Tank → Crawler Haul-Off → Planetary Cutter→ Stacker → Completed Product Inspection & Packaging

ModelDiameter(mm)ExtrudersMax.Output(Kg/h)Total Power(KW)
GSPEG-11020-63GS-SJ65/33 GS-SJ25/25120-220130
GSPEG-16075-160GS-SJ65/33 GS-SJ25/25120-220130
GSPEG-250110-250GS-SJ75/33 GS-SJ25/25280-350280
GSPEG-450160-450GS-SJ90/33 GS-SJ25/25350-500400
GSPEG-630315-630GS-SJ120/33 GS-SJ30/30550-980550
GSPEG-800400-800GS-SJ150/33 GS-SJ30/30800-1400750
GSPEG-1600800-1600GS-SJ150/33 GS-SJ30/30800-14001200