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Single Screw Extruder
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Single Screw Extruder

Single screw extrusion is one of the core operations in polymer processing and is also a key component in many other processing operations. Single Screw Extruder is mainly used for extruding soft, hard polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and other thermoplastic. It can produce a variety of plastic products, such as blown film, squeeze pipe, platen, ribbon, etc. It can be used for melt granulation as well. Single Screw Extruder has the benefits of designed advanced, high quality, good plasticity, and low energy consumption. It adopts involute gear drive, which has the characteristics of low noise, smooth operation, bearing capacity, long life and etc. Single screw machines are relatively cheap, simple and easily provide a continuous output, therefore they are very popular.

Motor Power (kw)4575110132185280
Screw Diameter (mm)Φ45Φ65Φ75Φ90Φ120Φ150
Aspect ratio25-3325-3325-3325-3325-3325-33
Screw Torque(Nm)160036006300112002500045000
Central Height (mm)100010001000110012001500