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Parallel Twin Screw Extruder
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Parallel Twin-Screw Extruder

Parallel twin-screw extruder is widely used in rubber and engineering resin filling, blending, modification, enhanced, chlorinated polypropylene and super-absorbent resin devolatilization treatment; degradable masterbatch, polyamide polycondensation, polyamide Grease addition polymerization reaction; toner, magnetic powder granulation, cable insulation materials, sheathing materials, low smoke low halogen flame retardant PVC cable materials and various silane cross-linked materials such as the preparation of small models are mainly used for Research, teaching.

Screw Diametermm5265657191
Screw SpeedRPM5.524-455-535-535-50
L/D Ratio22:118:122:128:125:1
Main Motor (AC)kW11.251522.53060
Max. Output PVCkg/hr110-120180-200230-250330-350520-550
Pipe Range (Single Die)mm20-11020-20063-200110-250110-315
Pipe Range (Twin Die)mm19-5019-5020-5020-11063-200